Checklist : Paving Plan


SrCheck ItemDone
1Plan View : For all new streets, a site specific geotechnical evaluation and pavement design submitted with plans
2Plan View : Typical Pavement Section details shown (fire lane, parking areas, streets, subgrade, etc.)
3Plan View : For streets, centerline stationing at every 100', PC's, PT's, and curve data labeled
4Plan View : Intersection, driveway and island curb radii labeled
5Plan View : All sidewalks and barrier free ramps shown, labeled and dimensioned
6Plan View : Existing, proposed, future streets and drives shown and labeled
7Plan View : Right-of-way corner clips and sight visibility easements provided
8Plan View : Storm inlets identified with paving stations and top of curb elevations at center of inlet.
9Plan View : Drainage clarified by flow arrows at crests, sags, ridges, intersections, and valley gutters
10Plan View : Show driveway locations for all lots adjacent to storm inlets
11Plan View : Guardrail required when slopes exceeding 3:1, walls, or other obstructions are within 30' of roadways or driveways.
12Plan View : Typical section is provided for each roadway type to be constructed.
13Profile View : Existing ground line for left, right, and center of right-of-way shown
14Profile View : Proposed top of curb line shown for all public streets, proposed invert line shown for all alleys
15Profile View : Show right and left top of curbs at intersections where split grade occurs
16Profile View : Top of curb/pavement elevations labeled at every 50 foot stations
17Profile View : Vertical Curve stationing and elevations including PVC, PVI, PVT, crest/sag location, curve length, algebraic grade difference, and
18Profile View : "K" values shown at a minimum
19Profile View : Street grades shown to the nearest 0.01'. Max and min grades per street design manual
20Profile View : Show "compacted fill" callout/note for all areas of fill