Checklist : Plastering


SrCheck ItemDone
1Before : Check Drg./Number/Date and Revision for all other service like electrical, plumbing etc.
2Before : Safety access platform.
3Before : Check for hacking/Button marking/ Mortar thickness.
4Before : Provision of chicken mesh for conduits, column brick work joints and other.
5Before : Preparation of Surface - Remove moss / efflorescence and Dampen Surface
6Before : Material stacked - Cement, Sand at various locations.
7Before : Prewetting of surface.
8Before : Quality of Sand - Screening Silt.
9Before : Check the Beam/ BW Joints packing with Nito Bond AR
10Before : Check for Door Frame Projections.
11During : Platform for morter mixing on tray.
12During : Check for thickness/level and line and right angle.
13During : Proportion of mix.
14During : Addition of water proofing compound.
15During : Proper roughing of first coat.
16During : Check for collection of mortar spills.
17During : Cleaning of dead mortar.
18During : Check for waviness.
19During : Check for grooves / drip moulds.
20During : Application of cement slurry on concrete surface / Space for tile area, cutting for skirting area.
21During : Check for loft thickness and top surface in dead level W/Robe size.
22After : Curing water distribution for various locations.
23After : Check for hollowness.
24After : Check for cracks.
25After : Check for plastering date for curing.