Asian Paints Oil Painting Procedure

Surface preparation is critical before applying oil paint to any surface. This Oil Painting Procedure by Asian Paints helps you get best quality painting work done.

Step 1: Cleaning

Sand the surface with Emery Paper 180 to relove loose particles / paint / dust / grease and cracked or flaked paint. Wipe clean.

Step 2 : Primer

Apply first coat of primer depending on the surface. For wooden surface Asian Paints TrueCare Primer. For mild steel surface, use Asian Paints TruCare Yellow Metal Primer or Asian Paints TruCare Red Oxide Metal Primer. For wall surfaces, use Asian Paints TruCare interior wall primer ST. For aluminium and galvanised iron surfaces, use etch primer. Allow drying for 6 to 8 hours.

Step 3 : Putty

Smoothen the surface by filling dents with thin coats of putty. For walls and wooden surfaces, use Asian Paints TruCare Acrylic Wall Putty. For metal surfaces, use Asian Paints TruCare Knifing Paste Filler. Allow drying for 6-8 hours. Sand with Emery Paper 180 and wipe clean.

Step 4 : Primer

Apply another coat of primer. Allow drying for 6-8 hours. Sand with emery paper 320 and wipe clean.

Step 5 : Top Coat

Thin a litre of Apcolite Premium Enamel Gloss with 80-100 ml of mineral turpentine oil. Apply 2 coats with an interval of 8 hours between successive coats.

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